Grown Up Girl Lost

{August 23, 2010}   Oh no she di’int!

Where is the real world people?  Is it a place where marriages disintegrate, or children have learning disabilities?  Is it the place where fathers get cancer and nearly die, or where mothers get cancer and actually die?  Is the real world a shitty job, a broken down shit box of a car, and a dwindling bank account?  Sounds like your life?  Sounds pretty real?  Feels pretty real?  Well sorry folks, you’re wrong.  The world you live in is far from real according to Larissa 

 This shocking reality was recently brought to my attention by the the lovely Larissa in a comment she so kindly left here at this blog.


“Mum just recently put me onto your website and told me how your words help her. I have just finished reading your site and could not understand how she could find comfort in your words. Every post is negative and so morbid. If I consantly wrote such negativity I think I would have topped myself by now. Surely there is something positive in your life, children, friends, family perhaps? Seems very one sided. Is this stuff real or just someone trying to write? Try something positive for a change, you never know, it may open your eyes up to the real world we live in.”


Now I must admit, Larissa did make some good points.  There does seem to have been a fair amount of misery and maudlin round these parts these last few years (????) and I have documented them as openly and genuinely as possible.  It’s not always been easy and at times I’ve wondered if I should just keep my big blog writing mouth shut. ( Don’t worry, that’s never going to happen). I did however think it important to give Larissa’s comment due consideration.  Until that last line. 

Abraham Lincoln once famously said  “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” 

Larissa, you would be wise to stop and take note, because that’s what you’ve done darling.  Opened your mouth and proved yourself a fool.  Don’t bother wandering by again, not until you can shed that cliché spruiking condescending attitude and find yourself an original thought.  

I write.  It’s what I do, so this blog isn’t someone attempting to write, it is writing.   And as hard as some of the material might be, I have always prided myself on remaining individual and not buckling to the expected norm.  It has also been a conscious decision on my part to keep my family and friends as separate and anonymous from my writing  as is humanly possible.  There is great joy and contentment in my life you see.  That’s the flip side of  the morose and angst.  There’s not one without the other.  That’s reality!

 I apologise if my writing lacks the daily minutiae you ( Larissa ) require to justify your own unfulfilled existence.   If you were hoping to satisfy your voyeuristic fantasies by peeking through someone’s living room curtains, I suggest you buy yourself a Penthouse.  Better yet, plonk yourself down in front of the telly.  I’m sure Home and Away is about to start.

And a word to the wise peeps.  Reality is all about perspective.  I’m sure even Martians on Mars consider themselves to be living in the real world, despite how different it might feel to the rest of the Universe!  Peace out!


Deborah says:

advising someone to “live in the real world” or (my favourite) “get a life” is patronising, judgemental and insensitive.

You are living in the real world. Larissa is living in the real world. I am living in the real world. Surprise – we don’t all have the same experience or perspective on it! How astonishing!

I’m sure somewhere there is someone reading another person’s intentionally selectively cheerful blog about their healthy & happy kids/favourite holiday destination/beloved pets and saying “wake up to the real world, it’s not all sunshine and roses, people are suffering out here!”

maybe Larissa could read that blog instead, and leave your blog to readers who appreciate your humour, honesty and style.

PJ MacGyver says:

I suppose it all comes down to what a person perceives….for perception is reality. And unfortunately some people get offended when others deal with the adversity in their lives with sarcastic humor and wit. And this being the internet….we have to take the good with the bad. I personally…never liked the “Real World”, MTV should have stuck with music videos. UGH….yeah, that sounded better in my brain then it looks on screen. Oops.

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